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  • At AVFO, patients complete a detailed patient history form and are tested for all major ocular diseases, which includes but not limited to: Cataracts, Glaucoma, Macular Degeneration, Color Vision, Stereopsis (3-D Vision), and Retinal Diseases (Diabetic Retinopathy).

  • We offer the OptoMap, the widest retinal scan instrument which can provide up to 200 degrees and diagnose early changes due to hypertension or diabetic retinopathy and among a host of other conditions

  • Patients are given a thorough evaluation and recommended the best contacts for their desired vision needs, which include: Silicone contacts (high in oxygen), Toric contacts (for astigmatism), Progressive contacts (for both far and near vision)

  • Orthokeratology is a form of reversible, refractive correction involving the overnight use of gas-permeable contact lenses to reshape the contour of the cornea while you sleep. These oxygen-intense, “breathable” lenses work to temporarily reverse the effects of Myopia during the night so the wearer can experience clear vision the following day—without the use of glasses or contacts. Ortho-k is used primarily to slow the progression of mild Myopia in adults and children, although it can aid in the temporary correction of low-degree astigmatism, hyperopia, and presbyopia as well.

  • Dr. Lin and Dr. Quach are affiliated with TLC The Lasik Center and co-manage with Dr. Alan Berg. We provide consultations for you in deciding on an ever-changing field. We will explain all options to assist you in making the best decision. We will present the latest proven techniques for correcting your vision.

  • We are pleased to offer the following services using a state-of-the-art Spectrum Laser System:

    We are now offering cosmetic laser and IPL procedures that are safe and very effective. We have waited to offer a lot of these treatments until the technology and medical protocols were developed to the point that they met our standards for medical excellence.

    • Dry eye, due to Meibomian Gland Dysfunction inflammation which leads to dry eyes

    • Acne Treatments for Adults and Teens. This IPL approach reduces acne by infusing intense pulsed light

    • Ocular Rosacea

    • Styes

    • Acne Treatments for Adults and Teens

    Aesthetics:  Enhanced Skin Rejuvenation, the Elimination of Vascular and Pigmented Irregularities, including sun damage, skin discoloration, the reduction of small facial blood vessels, the reduction and removal of leg veins,  the removal of tattoos, and the removal and reduction of wrinkles. These laser/IPL treatments really work and have minimal downtime.

    Acne Treatments for Adults and Teens. This IPL approach reduces acne by infusing intense pulsed light into the bacteria.  Improvements are normally seen within just a few days after the treatment.  

    Don’t wait any longer to look as good as you feel. Costs for these treatments are probably less than you would expect. Call us today for an expert consultation.

  • Understanding dry eye will help you determine the best treatment option. Dry eye occurs when a person doesn't have enough quality tears to lubricate and nourish the eye.

  •  We prescribe the Shamir Autograph II lenses, which offer the latest in laser digitally enhanced free-form lenses. Because these are designed from the front and back, on both sides, these are the only truly customized lenses. We even take an additional three measurements dependent on the frames, 1. Pantoscopic tilt 2. vertex distance and 3. face form degree. These provide the widest peripheral vision with the least amount of ‘swim’ and can be done in small frames. These now come extra curved for those wrap sunglasses we used to not be able to fit, but with the new base curve can be done.

    We offer computer-specific near variable lenses (NVL) which allow a much wider field of view when working in this specific environment. Standard progressives provide fewer mid-range viewing zones. These NVL allow for comfortable viewing and decrease eyestrain at work.

  • Just a few decades ago, computer vision syndrome (CVS) was not known or understood. However, with an increase in the role of computers in our lives, it has become an increasingly common issue. 

  • Sports vision training refers to a personalized treatment plan that is designed to train the brain to achieve maximum efficiency in the way that it receives, processes, and responds to visual input. 

  • By attending regular vision therapy appointments, patients can see an improvement in their vision, and visual comfort and experience an overall improvement with the ease with which they use their eyes for daily activities.

  • Both optometrists and ophthalmologists treat many common types of ocular disease. However, for the best outcome, it’s important to see an eye doctor regularly. They can identify any issues before they become serious problems.

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